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Offer hotels, flights, cruises, and activities to your members with ease.

Excellent Savings & Offers

Our custom-built software tracks down the best travel offerings and prices, and delivers them directly to your members.

No Marketing Necessary

There is no need for your marketing team or staff to create any content or special offers unless you want to. We can handle all your needs in house, at your convenience.

Zero-Cost Membership

Enrolling with CUTC means your members get our $99/year membership completely free. We offer multiple, hassle-free ways for your members to get started.

Promote Your Products

If you have credit cards, loans, or other products you want to get in front of your members, we can help by including those with our offers.

Safe & Secure Booking

Any information sent between you, your members, and our website is encrypted and secured. This includes credit card data and any personal info required for booking.

24/7 Support

You and your customers have access to Credit Union Travel support all day, every day. Whether it's a general question, or someone needs help with a booking, we're here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Credit Union Travel?

Credit Union Travel provides credit union members with exclusive discounts on business and leisure travel. Your members will save money on bookings, compared to other major online travel sites, while you strengthen brand loyalty, relationships, and generate new, non-fee revenue.

How are you different from other travel products out there?

It's simple, really. We deliver great value by saving your members money - an average of $46 per night - on each trip they book. You also get a great member benefit that deepens your relationship with your members while creating an additional source of income.

How can you offer such great deals?

Our technology and special pricing arrangements with one of the world's largest travel providers allow us to offer fantastic deals to our members. Because we are a membership organization, we can offer deals you won't find on typical travel booking sites. Our supplier is a 20-year-old firm that generates more than $4 billion in wholesale travel bookings annually.

How does it work?

Each day, our technology engine searches thousands of websites and other travel sources for current prices on travel to the world's most popular destinations. We compare those rates to our pricing to come up with deals for our members that aren't available through traditional online travel agencies.

What kind of security do you have in place?

Security is paramount to us. Our past experiences includes technology development for large financial institutions, so we have a thorough understanding of key security requirements for technology platforms and customer care. Our platform is PCI compliant, as is all technology provided by our travel suppliers. Our infrastructure is kept up to date and follows best practices in security and for protecting the data shared with us to prevent unwanted visitors, spamming, or site scraping. Site access is secured by robust authentication processes and tools, and SSL/TLS is required on all pages of our websites. We implement all security patches available for our infrastructure, and monitor various channels for incoming vulnerability reports to protect customer data.

Where can members travel with Credit Union Travel Club?

Members can travel just about anywhere in the world. Our homepage features our best deals to the world's most popular travel destinations, like New York, San Francisco, Disney, London, and the Caribbean, but members can always use our Search Bar feature to book travel anywhere they want to go.

How does it work for Credit Unions?

By being a participating credit union, we waive the $99 annual membership fee for your members. There is no charge for credit unions or their members to participate in Credit Union Travel. We provide an all-inclusive marketing portal to launch the Club and then share deals with your members in a fun, low-key way to encourage them to explore the site and book travel. Your members get real savings on trips they book!

Do I have to sell memberships?

No. There is nothing to sell. Your members get their $99 annual membership fee waived and access to Credit Union Travel for as long as your Credit Union participates in the program. In fact, initial marketing messages are centered around your gift to them of access to the Club.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to the Credit Union or your members. Non-participating Credit Union members have to pay a $99 fee to receive access to our exclusive discounts.

Are there any implementation fees, long-term contracts or commitments?

No. Credit Unions can cancel at any time with 30 days notice, and we don't have any implementation fees or long-term contracts. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to offer a real benefit that is valuable to your members.

What do Credit Unions have to do?

We know internal resources at Credit Unions are very valuable, so we've made implementation of the Club as easy as possible. We've created a world-class marketing portal that provides your Credit Union access to every piece of marketing collateral necessary to promote our latest deals across multiple mediums.

Who handles the customer service?

We pride ourselves on the outstanding customer service your members will receive. Our support center operates in 29 languages and it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any travel-related needs. You, as the Credit Union, will also have a dedicated account manager that will handle all inquiries about membership and the Club.

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