Value for Your Members

We believe the best way to create real value for credit union members is to save them money - lots of it - on every deal they book through Credit Union Travel Club.

While some travel providers offer token cash back discounts or try to force members to book particular brands, our goal is to give your members big travel savings - 15% to 50% compared to other travel websites - which are only available to them because they are members of your credit union.

Booking statistics show that our members save an average of $46 per night on every booking they make with Credit Union Travel Club. Club members reserve an average of 2.2 nights each time they book, and they average 2.3 bookings per year - this means a typical member will save more than $230 per year doing something most of them already do… booking a trip online.

Your members save real money and you strengthen your ties with those members by bringing additional value to them, again all at no charge to the member or the credit union.

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