About Us

Entrepreneurs. Technologists. Travelers.

Credit Union Travel Club was created by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, technologists and design wizards who share a vision for delivering great value for your credit union and its members and having fun in the process.

We began to explore the credit union industry as a good place to offer our technology-driven travel deal site. Specifically, we liked the fact that the relationship between credit unions and their members was just that - a relationship and not the type of adversarial existence that is all too common between consumers and other financial service providers. Our extensive research told us that America’s 100 million credit union members would be interested in a membership-based travel engine that could save them 15% to 50% off what other online travel agencies offer, so we spent a year refining our technology and doing market research to create Credit Union Travel Club.

Deliver Real Value. Make it Easy.

We understand that internal resources are a precious commodity in every credit union. That’s why we provide the marketing support, program management and customer care to encourage your members to activate their free Credit Union Travel Club memberships and to explore and book our great deals.

There is convergence between the travel industry and credit union membership. Consider these facts:

  • Internet travel has grown by more than 70% over the past five years
  • 57% of all travel reservations are made on the internet
  • Baby boomers have the most disposable time to spend on leisure travel, with Gen Xers catching up fast
  • With almost 70% of credit union members falling between the ages of 36 and 65 and having a higher household net worth than non-members, credit unions represent a great market for a value-rich travel offering like ours
  • 73% of Millennials took at least one leisure trip last year, the highest of any age group, and spend $3,217 annually on leisure travel (and 23% of them book within seven days of departure)
  • Baby boomers hold 70% of the disposable income in the U.S. and 71% of them go online every day, favor desktop over mobile and spend more money on technology each month than Gen-X and Gen-Y
  • 65% of all travelers will book via an online travel website this year

So Why a Travel Club?

In a nutshell, the demographics of travel club members align very closely with the demographics of credit union members. Our members save money on each and every booking when compared with other online travel sites, and you have the opportunity to create meaningful fee income with minimal effort on your part. Travel Club members are also very loyal to their Clubs and sponsoring companies, they’re very active and they spend money.

Among travel club members:

  • 99% take at least one personal trip a year
  • 52% take at least one business trip a year
  • 72% plan to travel on at least one holiday - most popular travel holidays: Christmas (23%), Thanksgiving (19%) and New Year’s Day (16%)
  • 90% prefer to book online
  • Price is the most important factor in deciding which hotel to book (39%), followed by promotions (18%) and location (18%), so Credit Union Travel Club provides great benefits for what travelers value the most
  • Retention in travel clubs is nearly 100% annually because of the inherent value
  • Club members spend an average of $327 on each booking - spending that could flow through your credit union’s credit and debit cards

Sound interesting? Get in touch with us to learn more about Credit Union Travel Club or click to get started.