Credit Union Travel Club

A great benefit for your members.
Fee income for your credit union.
And it's free.

How it Works

Credit Union Travel Club leverages proprietary technology and pricing agreements with some of the world’s largest travel wholesalers to deliver great travel deals exclusively to credit union members. Learn more about how we can provide a fun benefit to your members and generate fee income for your credit union.

Value for Members

Credit union members love to travel, and market research indicates that somewhere between 60-70% of your members already book travel online. Credit Union Travel Club members save an average of $46 per night compared to most online travel agencies. The cool part? The program is free for your members and for your credit union.

Get Started

We make Credit Union Travel Club easy to implement. Our marketing support makes it easy to get the word out through virtually any method you prefer - email, on your website, on statements, in your branches - without requiring a lot of work from your team.